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This idea of Cross-Promotion was only available for the big stores, until now!

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Other stores will promote your best offers to their buyers in their stores right after checkout to complement their recent purchase.

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Present other stores’ best complementary offers to your buyers after checkout, with exclusive discounts available only for your customers.

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Track every single order by discount codes provided with the offers. Gain maximum transparency.


Sometimes you might check out at your favorite grocery store and the cashier gives you discounts for other local stores on the back of the receipt.

This increases sales for both parties and is called Cross-Promotion. When one company gives their customers discounts for other company’s goods or services, and vice versa. This idea of Cross-Promotion was only available for the big stores, until now! DealzyClub allows stores of any size to Cross Promote effectively and simply.

How It Works

1. You specify which your deals/offers other (partner) stores will be promoting to their customers. You provide a title, a picture (or can select a specific collection or a product) and a discount percentage to be applied to all orders made by those shoppers.

2. A shopper makes a purchase at some other partner store. If our system finds your offers to be the best complementary fit for this purchase, they are presented to this buyer right after checkout on the “Thank you” page.

3. Now the buyer can shop at your store using the discount code received. You get the sale and a new customer!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to promote other stores’ offers on my website in exchange?

Yes, you need to promote other stores’ offers on your website, but:

  • No ugly pop-ups or 3rd party blocks placed on your storefront that can only steal your traffic. Instead, an accurate block is placed only after checkout on the “Thank you” page.
  • You promote other stores’ offers only after your buyer has already made the purchase at your store. This is a guarantee that you will not lose any of your sales!
  • You only promote other stores’ complementary offers that cannot be substitutes for products you sell yourself. This is another guarantee that you will not lose any of your sales! Instead, you will increase your customer loyalty and now have your complementary items show up elsewhere too.

What “complementary” means”?

For example, you sell women’s clutches. Another store sells women’s clothes. Here women’s clutches are complementary to clothes and vice versa. Because both of these product categories have the same target audience - women who are ready to buy stylish wear. It makes a lot of sense to offer a discount for a clutch to a shopper who just bought some clothes.

How many times my offers will be shown?

The more orders your store has, the more partner stores’ buyers will see your offers.

How do I get started? Are any integrations needed?

It’s simple! Install our Shopify app and create your promotions. We’ll do everything else.

Do you have any questions?

Would be happy to hear how we can help you out.